Wellsys Family of Products

Wellsys Product Family

LG Compressor

Enjoy the benefits of an LG compressor, the single most important and intricate device involved in the cooling system. The high quality LG compressor leads to a longer mean time between failures.

Innovative Design & Technology

The contemporary product designs compliment any office decor and provide more convenient water dispensing, while providing an internal multi-stage filtration process.

Enhanced Alkalinity

To eliminate the concerns of acidic water created by normal filtration processes, Wellsys USE provides an alkaline booster for PH balance.

Stainless Steel Tanks & Reservoirs

All Wellsys systems are made with the highest grade stainless steel tanks and internal components.

Nutrient Boost

The Wellsys process adds a nutrient boost to increase hydration by the addition of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.